Mitchell Vogler: Tips for Beginner Hikers

Mitchell Vogler is the owner of an outdoor supply store in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an experienced hiker and has been on several hiking trips in and around Atlanta. He started his outdoor supply store with the aim of providing other outdoor enthusiasts in the area with high-quality sporting goods. Here are a couple of tips you can use if you are a beginner hiker.

Join a Hiking Group or Club

If you are a beginner hiker, you don’t want to go hiking alone. It is recommended that you join a hiking club and go hiking together with a group. A good idea would be to join one of the local hiking chapters in your town or city. Being part of a hiking club will give you the opportunity to meet other hikers and get professional hiking tips. Mitchell Vogler runs a successful outdoor supply store in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hike at a Local Park

As a beginner, you don’t want to take on something that you are unprepared for, so a good idea might be to start hiking at a local park once a week. A day hiking trip is good as it allows you to practice and condition yourself to go on longer hiking trips. Going on a hike once a week is a good way to build up your physical endurance and test out your new hiking gear.

Hydrate Properly

One of the mistakes many beginning hikers make is that they don’t carry enough water on hiking trips. Mitchell Vogler always makes sure that he carries sufficient water when he goes hiking. You will need at least one-liter water for a two-hour hike.



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