Mitchell Vogler: Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Running Shoes

Mitchell Vogler is a fitness enthusiast who likes to run. He started running when he was a teenager and has maintained this habit even today. He is a successful businessman with twenty years’ experience in the sales and marketing industry. Though he is a busy person, he makes it a point to go running at least four times a week.

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when buying running shoes.

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Buying for Looks

If you are looking to buy a pair of running shoes just because it is a fashionable pair, you might want to stop and think. You shouldn’t buy running shoes because they look good on your feet. You should buy a pair that will protect your feet when you run. Mitchell Vogler knows that choosing a pair of running shoes is more about fit and feel, than fashion.

Not Asking for Deals

When you go to the sports store, you don’t go and pick the most expensive pair of shoes and buy them. Ask the store attendant if there are any deals available. Most stores will offer discounts on select pairs of running shoes. Some specialty stores will even give you a free membership to a running club if you buy two pairs of shoes.

Mitchell Vogler is an experienced runner and always ensures he wears the right kind of running shoes. If you are unsure what kind of running shoes you need, you might want to ask a store attendant for help.