Mitchell Vogler: Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying Running Shoes

Mitchell Vogler is a fitness enthusiast who likes to run. He started running when he was a teenager and has maintained this habit even today. He is a successful businessman with twenty years’ experience in the sales and marketing industry. Though he is a busy person, he makes it a point to go running at least four times a week.

Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when buying running shoes.

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Buying for Looks

If you are looking to buy a pair of running shoes just because it is a fashionable pair, you might want to stop and think. You shouldn’t buy running shoes because they look good on your feet. You should buy a pair that will protect your feet when you run. Mitchell Vogler knows that choosing a pair of running shoes is more about fit and feel, than fashion.

Not Asking for Deals

When you go to the sports store, you don’t go and pick the most expensive pair of shoes and buy them. Ask the store attendant if there are any deals available. Most stores will offer discounts on select pairs of running shoes. Some specialty stores will even give you a free membership to a running club if you buy two pairs of shoes.

Mitchell Vogler is an experienced runner and always ensures he wears the right kind of running shoes. If you are unsure what kind of running shoes you need, you might want to ask a store attendant for help.


Mitchell Vogler: How to Choose Golf Clubs for Beginners

Mitchell Vogler is an entrepreneur with twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing. He founded two businesses; a marketing firm, and an outdoor supply store in Atlanta, Georgia. He started playing golf when he was a teenager and has developed his skill in the game over the years. Both he and his wife are avid golfers and have played at several golf courses in and around Atlanta. Here are a couple of tips beginners can use when choosing golf clubs.

Ask Expert Golfers

Before you go out and get yourself your first set of golf clubs, you might want to speak to a couple of experienced golfers. A good place to start would be at the driving range. An experienced golfer will be able to give you an idea of which golf clubs would be suitable for you. On the other hand, if you go to a pro shop, you could ask the store attendant for recommendations. Mitchell Vogler owns and operates an outdoor supply store along with his wife in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Half Sets

You might want to purchase a half set of golf clubs for beginners. Most half sets have five irons but no driver, two, three or four irons which you won’t need as a beginner. Half sets are easier to use and will help you improve your swing without having to spend a lot of money buying a complete set of golf clubs.

Try Before You Buy

It is always important that you try your new set of golf clubs before you buy them. Many large sporting stores have indoor driving ranges where you can try out the golf clubs before you buy them. Mitchell Vogler knows that you can save some money buying golf clubs online, but you will not be able to try them out to see whether they are suited to you or not.

Mitchell Vogler: Tips for Beginner Hikers

Mitchell Vogler is the owner of an outdoor supply store in Atlanta, Georgia. He is an experienced hiker and has been on several hiking trips in and around Atlanta. He started his outdoor supply store with the aim of providing other outdoor enthusiasts in the area with high-quality sporting goods. Here are a couple of tips you can use if you are a beginner hiker.

Join a Hiking Group or Club

If you are a beginner hiker, you don’t want to go hiking alone. It is recommended that you join a hiking club and go hiking together with a group. A good idea would be to join one of the local hiking chapters in your town or city. Being part of a hiking club will give you the opportunity to meet other hikers and get professional hiking tips. Mitchell Vogler runs a successful outdoor supply store in Atlanta, Georgia.

Hike at a Local Park

As a beginner, you don’t want to take on something that you are unprepared for, so a good idea might be to start hiking at a local park once a week. A day hiking trip is good as it allows you to practice and condition yourself to go on longer hiking trips. Going on a hike once a week is a good way to build up your physical endurance and test out your new hiking gear.

Hydrate Properly

One of the mistakes many beginning hikers make is that they don’t carry enough water on hiking trips. Mitchell Vogler always makes sure that he carries sufficient water when he goes hiking. You will need at least one-liter water for a two-hour hike.


Mitchell Vogler – Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs with No Experience

Mitchell Vogler is an experienced business entrepreneur with twenty years’ experience in sales and marketing. He graduated with honors from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He launched his marketing business with the aim of providing unique marketing strategies to entrepreneurs in the area.

Mitchell Vogler knows that marketing a new startup product or service is not rocket science, but it most certainly requires a bit of know-how. Here are a couple of tips you can use if you have no prior business experience.

Mitchell Vogler

Hire the Talent

The first thing you want to do is to hire an agency to develop unique marketing strategies. This is important, especially if you got no clue on how to market your product. You rather have an experienced team handling your marketing than you trying to do it yourself.

Direct Contact with Customers

As a business entrepreneur, it is vital that you directly engage with your customers. If you aren’t doing it, then you are not marketing. Meet your customers and interact with them. This will give them the feeling that they are important to your business.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s marketplace, it is important that you make use of social media to market your service or products. When the consumer reads your sales-pitch there should be no confusion as to what you are offering. Using run-of-the-mill sales pitches and squeeze pages just don’t work anymore. You will need to tell the consumer the truth. Let them know exactly what you offer without beating around the bush. Though you might lose some clients with this approach, the clients you gain through this approach will turn out to be long-term customers. Mitchell Vogler has been developing marketing strategies for business entrepreneurs in Atlanta, Georgia.


Mitchell Vogler – How to Cycle Like a Pro

Cycling is a favorite hobby of many outdoor enthusiasts like Mitchell Vogler because it offers intense conditioning with minimal drawbacks on the body.

With decades of experience, Mitchell Vogler cycles like a pro and has competed in several local races. He has ridden thousands of miles and learned dozens of lessons along the way. Some of the most common lessons that such pros learn include:

Mitchell Vogler

Protect Your Wheels – If you’re faced with an obstacle that you can’t slow down for, protect your front wheel from damage by pulling upward on your handlebar to lift the front of your bike directly before impact. Though your back wheel might still take a hit, your front wheel will be clear and you’ll lessen the risk of a painful crash.

Protect Your Hands – Relax your grip on the handlebar to reduce the road vibration that is transferred to your body and to alleviate tension in your hands. Also, change your hand positions periodically so that they can relax and release as needed to prevent pain. Never take your hands off the handlebar entirely, though, as this can result in losing control of your bike on an unexpected obstacle.

Protect Your Back – Posture matters on a bike as much as it matters in an office. Avoid hunching your shoulders and always stop to move around if your back begins to hurt on a ride.

By learning from the pros, you move yourself one step closer to being among them. Cyclists like Mitchell Vogler enjoy helping newcomers and, with their advice, you can make the most of your chosen sport.

Mitchell Vogler – Golden Rules of Running

Mitchell Vogler is an accomplished marketing professional in Atlanta, Georgia, but when he isn’t working, he can often be found training for half-marathons and running for general fitness.

Mitchell Vogler

Runners like Mitchell Vogler often dedicate their lives to the hobby and, in doing so, they learn valuable lessons that can help newcomers avoid critical mistakes. The points below are just some of the golden rules that you can pick up from just one conversation with a seasoned runner:

  • Increase in Ten-Percent Increments – When you increase the mileage of your training sessions, never go up by more than ten percent each time. This will keep you from overtraining and it’s a rule that’s been followed for decades by seasoned athletes.
  • Wait for Two Hours After You Eat – Running within two hours of eating is asking for trouble. Two hours gives your body enough time to empty your stomach so that you do not experience bloating, gas or vomiting during your training session. Abdominal cramping and diarrhea are other unpleasant side effects of running too soon after a meal.
  • Warm Up and Cool Down for Ten Minutes – Giving your body ten minutes to warm up and cool down with brisk walking or slow jogging allows your muscles to adjust and it can lessen post-run soreness. In the early stages of running, this might make your warm up and cool down longer than your run, but that’s okay.

Connecting with fellow runners in your area – particularly those with years of experience, like Mitchell Vogler – will help you learn faster. These pros can spot potential mistakes and keep you from becoming injured or discouraged as a result of inexperience.

Mitchell Vogler – Becoming an Entrepreneur

Mitchell Vogler is a seasoned businessman who has made a name for himself in the entrepreneurial community of Atlanta, Georgia. He is both a successful entrepreneur himself and a close ally to many self-made businesspeople in and around his area.

Mitchell Vogler

Mitchell Vogler

If you aspire to become an entrepreneur like Mitchell Vogler, you’re in for a difficult, yet rewarding, journey. Advice like that below will help smooth the road to success:

Never Stop Learning – If you want to make your own way, becoming an eternal student whose educational efforts never cease will put you a step ahead of competitors. Acknowledge that you do not know everything and then endeavor to learn more every day. As you learn, you become a more effective businessperson.

Network at All Times – It’s all about who you have on your side in entrepreneurship and, if you have a large network on your side, you’re more likely to succeed. Every outing is a chance to grow your network, and every encounter with a person is a chance to make an impression. Use this to your advantage.

Maintain Your Health – Healthy people think faster, learn easier and have more energy. By putting in the time to maintain your wellbeing, you enable yourself to function better as an entrepreneur. You’ll also look and feel better because of it.

Finding an accomplished entrepreneur like Mitchell Vogler in your area as a mentor is beneficial for new businesspeople. Consider reaching out to those that you respect in your community, offering lunch for a bite of advice.