Mitchell Vogler – Tips for First-Time Entrepreneurial Businesspeople

Mitchell Vogler is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with decades of experience. He launched his own marketing firm nearly twenty years ago and, since then, he has helped countless other entrepreneurs launch their businesses and succeed.


Entrepreneurs like Mitchell Vogler learn from mistakes as their career progresses, and this is inevitable, but the more you read, the fewer mistakes you’re likely to make. Tips like those below can help the first-time entrepreneur find greater satisfaction in new endeavors:

  • Take Risks – Risk taking is among the most exciting parts of becoming an entrepreneur. It draws people to the idea of launching a business and, when done correctly, it’s thrilling. Few businesses will find success without taking calculated risks, and if you want your startup to shine you’ll need to try new things.

      Remember, though, that risks should be assessed rather than being impulsive decisions.

  • Establish Yourself – Establishing yourself as an expert on online platforms and in your community will give you exposure while helping you grow professionally. When you provide something valuable, like expertise, for free, people are often more willing to pay for services or products from your business.
  • Write Down Your Ideas – Entrepreneurial minds are full of ideas, and many of them linger for mere moments before being lost to another idea or a pressing task. This is why many self-made businesspeople engage in end-of-day “brain dumps.” This practice involves writing down all of your ideas at the end of every day, and it can take your endeavors to new heights.

When Mitchell Vogler helps new entrepreneurial professionals, he advises them to “learn from others before you learn from firsthand experience.” If you’d like to heed this advice, locate a respected entrepreneurial blog or book and then begin your studies.


Mitchell Vogler – Helpful Biking Tips for Beginners to the Sport

Mitchell Vogler is a marketing and sales professional who has been operating his own firm for several years. He began working in the field nearly twenty years ago after graduating from Georgia Tech. In addition to his career, he cares about his health, which is why he goes biking when he can. Here are some useful biking tips for newcomers to the sport.

Mitchell Vogler

Get all the necessary safety gear. No matter what style of bike you ride or the terrain you prefer, you need to get the right safety equipment in order to stay injury free. If you’re riding a road bike, make sure you get a decent helmet that will protect you from injuring your head on the pavement. Mountain bikers need to have more than just helmet; they need kneepads, shin guards, and even chest and rib protectors in some cases.

Find the bike that suits your needs. Not all bikes are made the same, and it’s important that you find one appropriate for your skill level and the style you want to ride. If you’re new to road biking, look for a bike that is a few years old in order to cut down on price; there will be very little drop in performance, but a large drop in price when compared to newer models.

Follow the rules. Road bikers and mountain bikers alike need to follow the rules of the area in which they’re riding. If you’re on a road bike, you have every obligation to follow the rules of the road as if you were in a car.

Mitchell Vogler enjoys biking when he can.

Mitchell Vogler – Hiking Tips for Beginners to the Sport

Mitchell Vogler is a marketing and sales professional who has been working in the industry for nearly twenty years. In addition to owning his own marketing firm, he also owns an outdoor shop in Georgia near his home. He enjoys getting outside to go hiking, and helping others do the same. Here are some useful tips for beginners to the sport.

Mitchell VoglerMake sure you have comfortable footwear. Although there is a wealth of information you can read on the subject, peoples’ feet are all different, it’s really all about what makes you comfortable. Some people prefer to wear hiking boots no matter the terrain, and others are perfectly capable in a pair of gym shoes. Think about comfort above all else, and don’t pay too much attention to other peoples’ opinions.

Take plenty of water. Hiking is a more strenuous activity than most, especially if you’re planning to hike up mountain peaks. Take more water than you think you’ll need so that you don’t’ have to worry about dehydration or losing energy too fast. You may also want to bring some snacks with you depending on how long you plan on hiking. Keeping your energy high is essential while on the trail.

Check the weather. Hiking in bad weather is always a possibility, which is why you need to be prepared. Take waterproof gear if there’s a chance of rain, or take some sunblock if it’s going to be hot and sunny. Hiking is all about comfort, which is why you should be prepared for anything.

Mitchell Vogler enjoys hiking in the Georgia wilderness whenever he can.

Mitchell Vogler – Useful Tips for Marketing Professionals

Mitchell Vogler is a marketing and sales professional who is currently operating his own firm in Georgia. He is also an entrepreneur who understands both sides of the marketing spectrum; as a small business owner, and as a marketing professional. Here are some useful tips for marketing professionals working in the field, and trying to support loyal clients.

Mitchell Vogler

In order to be a successful marketing professional, you need to know your trade. This seems like an obvious tip, but modern marketing changes all the time. New technologies make marketing easier, but it can also make it more complex. You have to have an in depth knowledge of marketing tools like social media, and you also have to know how to take advantage of search engine optimization.

In addition to knowing your trade, you have to be able to develop a strategy for your clients. Sit down with your clients and make sure you understand exactly what they want out of a marketing strategy, and what they expect to gain from your services. Be realistic with your clients when it comes to what you can provide, and what they can hope for based on strategies discussed.

Get to know the companies that hire you. Marketing has the most impact when you have a full understanding of the client. Sure, some marketing strategies can cross over from client to client, but when you truly understand the company your marketing, you’ll be able to reach an audience on a more personal level.

Mitchell Vogler has been working in the marketing and sales industry for nearly twenty years, and he knows what it takes to succeed.

Mitchell Vogler – Tips for Operating Your Own Business

Mitchell Vogler is a marketing and sales professional who is currently the President and Founder of his own firm. He works with small and large businesses alike in order to help them develop successful marketing strategies, and grow their client base in the process. Operating your own business is no easy task; here are some tips for operating your own business.

Mitchell Vogler

First, you need to develop a business plan. This is essential for all new business owners because it allows you to see a projected view of your company in the future. It also allows you to develop and establish realistic goals to achieve later on in your career based on your present strategies. A business plan is also essential when you’re trying to raise the money and look for investors interested in the work you’ll be doing.
Second, start the hiring process early. You need to find the right people for the right jobs in order to help you manage the daily operations. As the business owner, you’ll be responsible for a number of other duties besides the business itself; find the right managers and natural leaders that share your enthusiasm for the work, and who you can trust to manage the daily operations while you’re elsewhere.

Third, research your industry. You can’t make your business successful if you don’t have a firm understanding of what works in your industry, and of course, what doesn’t work. Research your clients, your competition, and everything else in between in order to be successful.

Mitchell Vogler understands how to operate a successful business, which is what he helps others understand as well.