Mitchell Vogler – How to Cycle Like a Pro

Cycling is a favorite hobby of many outdoor enthusiasts like Mitchell Vogler because it offers intense conditioning with minimal drawbacks on the body.

With decades of experience, Mitchell Vogler cycles like a pro and has competed in several local races. He has ridden thousands of miles and learned dozens of lessons along the way. Some of the most common lessons that such pros learn include:

Mitchell Vogler

Protect Your Wheels – If you’re faced with an obstacle that you can’t slow down for, protect your front wheel from damage by pulling upward on your handlebar to lift the front of your bike directly before impact. Though your back wheel might still take a hit, your front wheel will be clear and you’ll lessen the risk of a painful crash.

Protect Your Hands – Relax your grip on the handlebar to reduce the road vibration that is transferred to your body and to alleviate tension in your hands. Also, change your hand positions periodically so that they can relax and release as needed to prevent pain. Never take your hands off the handlebar entirely, though, as this can result in losing control of your bike on an unexpected obstacle.

Protect Your Back – Posture matters on a bike as much as it matters in an office. Avoid hunching your shoulders and always stop to move around if your back begins to hurt on a ride.

By learning from the pros, you move yourself one step closer to being among them. Cyclists like Mitchell Vogler enjoy helping newcomers and, with their advice, you can make the most of your chosen sport.